The first years of life are of vital importance. Children in this early stage with access to active and positive learning experience will develop tools that will make them successful persons and leaders in their future adult lives.


        Our teaching program is based on Creative High Scope Key experiences and Creative curriculum, the active learning of the world around us, nature, our community, families, seasons, celebrations, transport, culture, and so much more. Through exploring their creativity and positive stimulation your children will learn different concepts such as health, science, mathematics, art, language, and will develop socializing, sharing, relating to others and accepting differeces.


   Our professional teachers follow up the center outline themes of each month to get ready. The weekly classroom lesson plan is base on child’s level and interest, inviting our children to explore, observe and ask questions and then find the answer to develop independence. We emphasize in the development of daily routines, flexible enough to help our children predict what is next and prevent feeling lost. We stimulate the physical development through indoor and ourdoor activities.